Wednesday, April 01, 2020


            When a vehicle owner applies for a Kansas certificate of title, he/she must present the following:

Proof of ownership, the documentary proof of such varies, according to whether the vehicle is new or used and where it was purchased.  All ownership documents must be notarized unless the state where document was issued does not require notarization, and have all liens or encumbrances stated theron.  The proper documentary evidence would be as follows, according to the appropriate circumstance:
Form TR 127 may be attached to a manufacturer’s certificate/statement of origin where dealer assignment sections are full on the original manufacturer’s certificate/statement of origin.
New Vehicles Purchased in Another State; Depending on that states requirements would require:

  • A bill of sale and manufacturer’s certificate of origin which has been assigned directly to the applicant by a licensed, franchised dealer.  Confirmation of an out-of-state dealer’s license is required, or
  • A manufacturer’s certificate of origin received directly by the applicant from the vehicle manufacturer.

Used Vehicles Purchased in Kansas

  • An assigned or reassigned Kansas certificate of title, or
  • An assigned or reassigned out-of-state title. When reassigned by a licensed dealer an affidavit form TR 114 must accompany the properly reassigned out-of-state title
  • A Bill of Sale is required.

Used Vehicles Purchased In Another State:

  • The out-of-state title assigned or reassigned to the applicant by a licensed vehicle dealer. Confirmation of the out-of-state dealer’s license is required.
  • A Bill of Sale is required.

Used Vehicles Last Registered In a Non-Title State; Require the same documentation as used vehicles from other states with the following exceptions:

  • If the application is in the registered owner’s name, that person’s last registration receipt is required
  • If the application is not in the registered owner’s name, the last registration receipt with a bill of sale from the seller is required.

Vehicles Purchased or Registered in A Foreign Country; require the ownership documents issued for vehicles b that country and customs documents.
Leased Vehicles; See “Non-Negotiable Titles section.”

  1. In addition to the proper ownership documents, the applicant is required to furnish proof of payment of sales or compensating use tax, or the exemption thereof.  If no such proof can be furnished, the applicant must pay the necessary tax to the County Treasurer.
  2. An abstract of mileage must also be included, either on the manufacturer’s certificate of origin, or on a separate form acceptable to, or prescribed by the Division of Vehicles of the Department of Revenue
  3. If the existing title shows a lien or liens in the section provided, a notarized release may be in the appropriate space provided on the back of the existing title, or on a separate paper.
  4. A Bill of Sale is required if space for purchase price is not provided on the title or manufacture statement of origin