Saturday, April 04, 2020




DEPARTMENT: County Treasurer's Office

REPORTS TO:    County Treasurer

Employee is responsible for maintaining office hours and assisting the public.  Employee is responsible for assisting the County Treasurer in carrying out the activities as required by Kansas Statutes.


  • Assisting the general public with questions that they have in regards to the County Treasurer's office or other matters pertaining to Smith County.  This includes those individuals appearing at the County office or those individuals making inquiries by phone or through the mail.
  • Collecting taxes or other fees required to be paid to the County Treasurer's office and renewing motor vehicle registrations and new vehicle title registration.
  • Accounting for and adequately safeguarding all funds collected.
  • Recording transactions to journals, ledgers, and permanent records.  This includes calculating delinquent taxes and posting the tax statements to tax roll.
  • Assisting in preparation and mailing of correspondence.
  • Entering transactions in the County's computer system.
  • Assist in the preparation of checks for deposits, prepare checks, balance out at the end of the day, and get draw ready for the business day.


  • Assisting in any other official office duty as may be directed.
  • Required to prepare a biweekly time sheet and submit it to the County Treasurer.


Education - Minimum level of education required is a high school diploma or a GED.
Experience - None required.
Knowledge and Skills - Employee is required to operate various office machines and demonstrate computer operations ability.
Mental and Physical Abilities - Employee is required to read and comprehend; gather information; solve problems; oral comprehension and expression; and mathematical, abstract, and logical reasoning.  Employee is required to balance, carry, climb, lift, repetitive motions, feel, finger, reach, hear, see, stand, talk and walk.