Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Smith County, Kansas

Deputy Treasurer

Job Description

DEPARTMENT: County Treasurer's Office

REPORTS TO:     County Treasurer

Employee is responsible to assist the County Treasurer in the duties as outlined per Kansas Statutes.  Employee will assume the County Treasurer's job duties if County Treasurer is absent or vacancy of the County Treasurer.  Employee is responsible for maintaining office hours and assisting the public.


  • Employee is required to assist the County Treasurer in the performance of Treasurer's duties as outlined in Kansas Statutes.
  • Assist the general public with questions regarding the County Treasurer's office or other matters pertaining to Smith County.  This should include those individuals appearing at the County office, or making inquires by phone or through the mail.
  • Print the tax statements including verification that the information is correct before mailing statements.
  • Collect taxes or other fees in the Treasurer's office or through the mail.
  • Timely account for and adequately safeguard all funds collected.
  • Deposit collections in official checking accounts or transfer the cash to the appropriate office.
  • Maintain permanent records required by Kansas Statutes.
  • Record transactions to journals, ledgers, and required permanent records, classify postings, total and cross total entries for a period.
  • Reconcile subsidiary accounts to controls.
  • Reconcile bank accounts and trace discrepancies.
  • Enter transactions in the County's computer system.
  • Assist in the preparation of checks for deposits, prepare checks, balance out at the end of the day and get draw ready for the business day.


  • Prepare reports required by state and federal regulatory officials.
  • Assist in preparation and mailing of correspondence to taxpayers.
  • Maintain records of all abatements and additions to tax roll.
  • Preparation of delinquent warrants and distributing to officials as required by Kansas Statutes.
  • Assist County Treasurer in any other official office duties as may be directed.
  • Require to prepare a by-weekly time sheet and submit to County Treasurer.


Education - Minimum level of education is a high school diploma or a GED.
Experience - None required.
Knowledge and Skills - Employee is required to operate various office machines and demonstrate computer operations ability.
Mental and Physical Abilities - Employee is required to read and comprehend; gather information; solve problems; oral comprehension and expression; and mathematical, abstract, and logical reasoning.  Employee is required to balance, carry, climb, lift, repetitive motions, feel, finger, reach, hear, see, stand, talk and walk.